Getting started with full-funnel marketing on paid social

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Countless companies are hesitant to get started with paid marketing on social media. Simply because they don't know how to build a winning strategy and execute it effectively.

In this webinar, we will be taking a look at a simple three-part framework that engages, educates and converts your ideal customers efficiently.


  • What is "full-funnel marketing"?
  • Common issues when getting started with paid social marketing
  • How to think about content production so that it helps create qualified leads and revenue
  • Introduction to our three-part framework for lean full-funnel marketing on paid social

What this event will teach you

  • The actionable basics of full-funnel marketing
  • How to create content that generates demand for your product across the entire customer lifecycle
  • How to combined paid social marketing with sales-ready content to create an inbound engine that produces qualified sales leads
  • How to create campaigns that address each stage of the buying funnel
  • How to evaluate whether your paid social campaigns are performing well or not

About the host

This webinar is hosted by Demandbay, a holistic growth consultancy for startups and SMEs.

At Demandbay, we focus on designing, implementing and running effective growth marketing across digital channels that drives revenue.

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